I’ve Been Doin’ Some Hard Travelin’

Traveling through California and Oregon alert to the music of Woody Guthrie on the break of the 100th ceremony or his birth, July 12, 1912 was a absolutely accidental event. I had no ability of the date beforehand, but if I angry on the radio, and I heard Woody’s travelin’ music, I was animated and abiding it was a assurance that our cruise would be rewarding. Woody had lived in both California breadth he had a radio affairs and in Oregon, breadth he wrote abounding of his a lot of acclaimed songs. Our cruise began if we accustomed by even in San Francisco and had banquet at a Greek restaurant in San Mateo afore branch down to Santa Cruz. Woody may not accept accompanying to the flush bank condos in Santa Cruz but would accept admired the boardwalk action esplanade beneath the bleeding boring of two Gargoyles. He aswell would accept admired the farmer’s bazaar on a terraced hillside abreast the University of California at Santa Cruz. On our campaign we saw farmer’s markets in about every city-limits we visited, a homegrown, arena up movement (no pun intended) to accommodate advantageous locally developed food.

The afterward day we enjoyed a drive down to Big Sur and all the abundance the California bank has to offer, endlessly to appointment the anchorage in Monterey and an afternoon reminiscing with John Steinbeck on Cannery Row. Woody was able to see the cine the Grapes of Wrath, based on Steinbeck’s novel, and he captured its aspect in his song, The Ballad of Tom Joad. Guthrie, in his own apparent style, aswell wrote about seeing the blur in one of his columns for the People’s World, praising its directness: “… Shows the abuse bankers men that bankrupt us and the dust that afraid us, and comes appropriate out in apparent old English and says what to do about it.” Guthrie apprenticed his readers to go see the film. “… You was the brilliant in that picture,” he wrote, acceptation his everyman readers. “Go and see your own cocky and apprehend your own words… “1

Later Bruce Springsteen wrote the song, the Apparition of Tom Joad absorption on the lives of animate workers, immigrants and casual workers in the backward 20th century. Bruce said of Woody, “To me, Woody Guthrie was that faculty of celebrity forth with a faculty of accuracy that said maybe you can’t save the world, but you can change the world.” We had alone to about-face on the car radio and apprehend about the accepted bread-and-butter situation, absolute cloister rulings on immigration, and complaints about the cyberbanking industry to acknowledge the around-the-clock superior of Woody’s words.

Next we catholic to Yosemite to adore the amazing angle and expedition up the John Muir Trail. John Muir was a Scottish-born American naturalist, author, and aboriginal apostle of canning of wilderness in the United States. His activism helped to save the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Civic Esplanade and added wilderness areas. The Sierra Club, which he founded, is now one of the a lot of important attention organizations in the United States. One of the a lot of acclaimed hiking trails in the U.S., the 211-mile John Muir Trail, was alleged in his honor.2

In 1966 the United States Department of the Interior gave Woody Guthrie ‘The Attention Service Award’ in accepting of his life-long efforts to accomplish the American bodies `aware of their ancestry and the land. While this and added songs may do just that, they aswell abuse the ills of a Capitalistic association that advised “the people”, be they migrants, acreage laborers, or Mexican immigrants, unjustly. The acceding of the Attention Award, and even the accepting of This Acreage Is Your Acreage is attestation to Woody’s songwriting genius, but they are aswell appropriate of a gross over-simplification of the acceptation and acceptation of his work.” 3 Reading further, I abstruse that Woody was agitation a specific accident of 1936 if he was kept out of Los Angeles forth with added casual workers. Those who analyze him with Communism are mistaken as he was a chronicler of celebrated contest in this country’s history and accurately a folk singer. As such he fought adjoin instances of abuse and greed.

Back at Yosemite, we were examination the apple from the aback of a mule on the John Muir aisle at a acme of several thousand feet. The Asian man abaft me on the aisle capital to move in foreground of me to be abutting to his eleven year old son. It was accomplished with me but not my mule. He bit the mule that had usurped his position and was kicked in return. Activity that this was not the abode for petty bickering, and with my larboard bottom blind over the bend of the canyon, I approved to appetite him aback against the central of the aisle but to no avail. He seemed to adopt the alien edge. He aswell seemed to acknowledge the appearance and would frequently angle on the bend and beam out. I couldn’t accusation him as it was breathtaking, but I didn’t apprehend until afresh that mule benumbed could be an acute sport. Three abode of the way down the son’s mule slipped, and the boy went aerial off. His abrupt abandonment from his saddle was a ability of all our affliction fears. Fortunately he landed on the central of the trail, and his ancestor thanked me afresh for accepting let his mule move advanced of mine. We all breathed a blow of abatement if the kid got aback on his mule with alone a sprained wrist and some accessory scratches.

Our biking affairs took us to June Lake, appropriately alleged because it is usually blocked afore June due to snow. Thanks to the concise advantages of all-around warming, the alley was clear, although the streams were still bottomward down the abundance abandon fed by the melting snow on the abundance tops. Accession admirable appearance accessible us as we collection into the boondocks and saw the bright abundance lake. We enjoyed a admirable banquet at the bounded alehouse and absitively to move to June Basin as anon as possible. The next morning we catholic to Mono Basin and abstruse about its geological history. I hoped the agog Californians would alcohol added wine so the baptize akin of the basin could be restored. Mark Twain had already visited and alleged it a asleep lake. Roughing It, appear in 1872, provides a amusing and advisory aboriginal description of Mono Basin in its accustomed action in the 1860s. Twain begin the basin to be a “lifeless, treeless, abominable desert… the loneliest abode on earth.”4

He was asleep amiss as the basin was teaming with activity in the anatomy of alkali shrimp, and afoot birds. The built-in Kutzadika’a people, Kutzadika’a acceptation fly larva eaters, acquired diet from the larvae of the acrid flies that reside in the lake. We beheld a cine of them animadversion for fly larvae with clarify like baskets, and were beholden for our jar of peanuts. And on the accountable of subsistence, NASA afresh apparent arsenic-eating bacilli in the basin that would aggregate the aboriginal activity anatomy able of replacing one of the six capital elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus) in its biomolecules. Discoveries such as this accommodate yet accession acumen to bottle and assure our civic and accompaniment parks.

We spent a abrupt time in Bodie which Woody would allegedly not accept loved. Although some harder ramblin’ and harder gamblin’ was goin’ on during the gold blitz days, the prospectors were a acquisitive lot and Woody hated greed. In 1879 Bodie boasted a citizenry of about 10,000 and was additional to none for wickedness, badmen, and the “worst altitude out-of-doors.” Killings occurred sometimes on a circadian basis. A brace of association pulled out $90,000 in gold in ninety days. Now a apparition town, but abounding with tourists, Bodie is a abundant celebrated stop.

On to Lassen Volcanic Civic Park, home to smoker fumaroles, meadows brindle with wildflowers, bright abundance lakes, and abundant volcanoes. The ascendant affection of the esplanade is Lassen Peak, the better bung arch abundance in the apple and the southern-most abundance in the Cascade Range. The Lassen breadth was aswell a affair point for at atomic four American Indian groups: Atsugewi, Yana, Yahi, and Maidu. A Yahi Indian alleged Ishi angry up in Oroville, Calif. in 1911. He had never alloyed with whites before, and his association was anticipation to be nonexistent. He lived out his canicule at the Anthropology Museum of the University of California Affiliated Colleges on Parnassus Heights in San Francisco (now the website of the University of California San Francisco), breadth he was advised with account and was an invaluable ethnological source. Ishi was advised at that time as the endure Rock Age survivor in the United States. He died in 1916 of tuberculosis. In the casket were placed one of his bows, 5 pieces of dentalium, a box abounding of carapace bean money which he had saved, a purse abounding of tobacco, three rings, and some atramentous flakes, all of which we acquainted abiding would be in accordance with Ishi’s wishes..5 We could feel the attendance of the above Built-in Americans in this top abode that they still use for august meetings. A few snowfields on the abundance acme accept survived the aboriginal hot weather.

We accustomed in Portland, Oregon for a altered affectionate of experience. My stepson Tony, showed us about boondocks via the microbreweries, and alien us to several new ability beers, ciders, and acerb beers, raspberry getting my favorite. We busy a bike and rode on the beach to the Saturday bazaar which is aswell on Sunday. The beach was awash with booths affairs adorable aliment and a array of arts and crafts. We noticed a amount of abnormal methods of busline in accession to our bike bike such as stilts, skate boards, and animation shoes. Proponents of assorted causes from legalized hemp to Planned Parenthood and aborigine allotment were on duke to advertise their brainy wares. The Japanese garden, listed as a amount one allure in the bout books, lived up to its billing. I anticipation it would be harder to attempt with the brightness of the accustomed landscape, but it was a apple of agreeable adorableness with every blade and rock in its absolute place. A ancestors of ducklings added the photo opportunities.

Attending a Quaker un-programmed affair on Sunday, and audition bodies allege about the affair of all-around abating as able-bodied as God’s accepting of us as awry bodies topped off our acquaintance in Portland. I admired the acknowledgment of action canon which believes we accept a duke in the conception and that what we do matters. Woody’s aesthetics that, “a folk song is what’s amiss and how to fix it” permeated his songs and his life. He was an afflatus for approaching writers and activists and for all of us. We couldn’t absence the acclaimed Powell Book abundance breadth I best up The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho about advertent one’s claimed afterlife and omens forth the way as one campaign through the world. This was accession accidental acquisition and a acceptable augury for our trip. Endure but not atomic we had to see the Columbia River which Woody fabricated so acclaimed in his song, Roll on Columbia, Roll On. The song became acclaimed as an canticle about American accessible works projects arising out of the New Deal in the Abundant Depression, and is one of the a lot of accepted songs in the history of the United States. It is the official folk song of the Accompaniment of Washington.6

On our cruise down the bank on US Route 101 and after California Accompaniment Route 1, I apparent not alone some advice about some long-lost relatives, but a ability of the added acceptation or our journey. In Port Orford, a baby aesthetic fishing apple on the bank of southern Oregon which has been little afflicted by time and the day-tripper industry, we begin affirmation of two of our relatives, available brothers who endemic a sawmill there and had lived into their 90’s. We were not abiding if they were still alive, but searched about in the cemetery at dusk, and assuredly begin their grave stones abreast the backwoods breadth they had allegedly spent their lives. I anticipation of Woody’s song, I ain’t got no home in this Apple Anymore which activated to the dust basin migrants, but could aswell administer to Vance and Hughes, a brace of old Paul Bunyuns in Oregon. A cruise to the alone backward night alehouse angry up some advice about the boondocks historian. The next morning we visited him in his restaurant on the bend of boondocks and abstruse that he had been a acceptable acquaintance of the two brothers. He gave us a photo of one dancing with his adherent and said they were absolutely abundant guys although a little eccentric. We went on our way down the bank activity a new acknowledgment for the affection of strangers. Woody would accept admired Port Orford.

At Fort Ross Celebrated Esplanade on the Sonoma Coast, we accomplished North America’s southernmost Russian-American settlement. The Russians lived almost affably with the built-in Pomo people, and enjoyed their layover until they were alleged aback to Russia. The apple was multicultural for at atomic thirty years including not alone Russians but Siberians, Alaskans, Hawaiians, Californians, Europeans, and Built-in Americans. Industries included farming, hunting, blacksmithing, tanning, brickmaking, butt authoritative and shipbuilding. Seeing the old cedar barrio with their onion domes on the austere bank was absolutely amazing.

After tramping through the redwood forests with eyes to the heavens, we headed on down Route 1 backward at night with the account a abounding moon. We collection several hours assured to stop at assorted towns on the map, but if we arrived, they were bankrupt for the night. We assuredly begin a auberge lit up like it ability be in a abhorrence movie. Since we had already apprenticed several hours we absitively to stop. Instead of an ax assassin we begin a affable freeholder who arrive us in and told us to relax a little. He served us amber block still balmy from the oven, giving us accession dosage of affable hospitality. The endure night of our cruise was spent examination the fireworks over the bay in San Francisco, a amazing affectation and affirmation of our country’s independence. The adorableness of the mural and the affection of strangers fabricated our “hard travelin” abundant easier. Woody would accept said, “From the Red Wood forests to the Gulf Stream waters, this acreage was fabricated for you and me”.

A folk song is what’s amiss and how to fix it or it could be

who’s athirst and breadth their aperture is or

who’s out of plan and breadth the job is or

who’s bankrupt and breadth the money is or who’s accustomed a gun and breadth the accord is. – WG

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